Korean arenas that made esports grow

Korean arenas that made esports grow

Published 2022-02-10 16:54

Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world, and in just roughly a decade, it has become one of the most viewed sports of all. But it hasn’t been easy and we can still expect esports to grow even more, simply because it’s not yet accepted as a “sport” in all countries. There are a few countries that should be praised and thanked for the growth of esports, despite the struggle, and South Korea is one of the biggest contributors, with all their arenas and events that they have been hosting.

What made esports so popular?

Professional video game competitions aren’t exactly new, but they’ve been gaining a lot of popularity over the last decade. ESports competitions were originally organised events between a group of amateurs – much like a standard multiplayer game but with a set time and place, often in person and occasionally with a small audience. The Nexon arena is special because it is one of the first and most well-known places to give ESports an official purpose-built home when these competitions were usually held in whatever space was available.

Esports betting companies are huge sponsors

Almost every big esports event that is hosted at an arena, is sponsored by gambling companies and their betting sportsbooks. This is of course to spread the awareness of their brand and that betting exists on esports. Most betting brands focus their sponsorships on events like CS:GO, LoL esports, and Dota 2 events, simply because they are the biggest and most popular games.

Examples of these sponsors are GG.bet that even has their own events. Loot.bet is also a huge brand within esports betting that sponsors big events. But even some of the old and biggest betting companies have started to sponsor esports, like Pinnacle, Betway and Unibet.

South Korean esports arenas

Here are the arenas in South Korea, that has hosted some of the biggest esports events since the start of these official tournaments and championships.

Incheon Munhak Stadium

inceon stadium lol esports

Location: Incheon

Events: League of Legends – World Championship 2018

Capacity: 49.000

Sangam World Cup Stadium

sangam wc stadium

Location: Seoul

Events: League of Legends – World Championship 2014

Capacity: 20.000

unused esports arena

Gwangju Esports Arena

Location: Gwangju

Events: The arena was ready in December 2020, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the arena has not yet hosted any esports events.

Capacity: 1000

lol park

LoL Park

Location: Seoul

Events: 2018 League of Legends World Championship and League of Legends Mid-Season Cup 2020

Capacity: 400

busan arena

Busan Esports Arena

Location: Busan

Events: Mostly esports- and game award ceremonies, such as The 2020 Global Esports Executive Summit

Capacity: 300

v.space arena pubg

V. Space Arena

Location: Seoul

Events: 2020 PUBG Asian Continental Series

Capacity: 300

nexon arena

Nexon Arena – Small but important

The Nexon Arena is one of the few dedicated eSports arenas in South Korea. The arena was built to house video game competitions (known as eSports). These competitions are organised multiplayer video games, usually between professional players and occasionally in teams. The Nexon Arena originally opened in 2013 to host FIFA Online 3, but now hosts events for StarCraft III, Hearthstone and League of Legends among many other big titles. The arena has a stage with five-person and single-person booths where players play and the games are streamed on a big screen for the audience.

What Does Nexon Arena Offer?

Nexon has created a home for the world of ESports competitions to thrive in a culture that has often looked down on video games and been very vocal about addiction. The arena also provides a space for people to make genuine connections without fear of being judged for their hobbies or interests. The competitions held at Nexon Arena are usually free for the audience to enter and watch, so it provides a safe space for like-minded people to enjoy watching ESports.

Nexon Arena has a seating capacity for up to 400 people and many of the matches are broadcast on a channel that’s dedicated to ESports that was created by and for ESports fans. Nexon Arena is widely known as the most popular ESports arena in South Korea.


Written by Jarhead

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